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Kuoni Group Travel Experts

Kuoni Group Travel Experts is the world’s leading B2B group travel provider. We offer bespoke packaged tours for leisure and incentive groups.

We partner closely with retail and wholesale travel agents worldwide to create itineraries, reserve product inventory, provide ground support, and work behind the scenes to manage every part of a tour from hotel and restaurant bookings to sightseeing and guides.

We excel in helping partner agents provide group travellers from over 50 countries memorable travel experiences in Europe and other destinations worldwide.

Our products and services


  • 8,000 group friendly hotels worldwide in more than 100 countries 
  • Abundant hotel allotments suited to group traveller needs  
  • More than 80,000 rooms available for groups every night 


  • 5,000+ sightseeing guides, tours and attractions 
  • 8,000+ restaurants and theatre shows 
  • More than 8,000 museums, galleries and other attractions


  • The single largest and newest fleet of contracted touring coaches in Europe
  • Alternate transport options such as mini-coaches and luxury coaches available on request


  • Regarded as the industry leader in quality services for key European destinations, with unrivalled presence in markets such as Italy, France and Switzerland
  • Key supplier for tourism growth markets - such as New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UAE, as well as lesser travelled destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, Bhutan and South Africa

Kuoni GTS Static Product Series

  • Range of static itineraries saves you the development time and costs associated with new products, and allows you to take full advantage of the best sourcing deals that we have to offer
  • Products are tried and tested, with proven customer demand, with pre-determined upgrade/downgrade options that suit your budget and flight schedules
  • Static products are currently available for Europe, New Zealand, and the US, with more products being added to the list in the future
  • Ask your sales representative to take you through the options and provide you with a quotation today

Client offering

The right choice

Whether customising a tour for large or small groups, we’ve made it easy to put together the best programme whilst providing the best value possible. 

Customised service

We work with selected hotels, attractions and service suppliers in many locations using our reputation and our buying power to secure the most competitive year round pricing.  When your customers request specific experiences or price points that you need to manage, Kuoni Global Travel Services can provide solutions for virtually any requirement.

Concierge created

From the very beginning, we understand the business of our clients and the individual tastes and preferences of your clientele. The recommendations we make and the itineraries we create are custom-designed to be right for you. Unobtrusive but ever-present, detail-oriented reservations, coordination and customer relations teams are here when you need us - there’s plenty you can leave in our hands. 


Your customers have every right to demand the highest quality of services, and Kuoni Global Travel Services is best positioned to deliver this requirement for you.  With a legacy of Swiss quality dating back to 1906, we provide best in class service levels, backed by over 100 years of experience in servicing Group Travel needs.

Peace of mind

We always expect arrangements to go smoothly.  But on occasion, incidents occur that are out of anyone’s control, and the way these incidents are handled for you is the true measure of quality.  You can be assured that Kuoni Global Travel Services employees are well trained to support, have ready access to tried and tested emergency response processes, and your customers will be in the best possible hands.   

Supplier loyalty partnership

Discover our loyalty programme

As a loyal partner you directly benefit from our worldwide market exposure and receive the ultimate partner treatment.

Your benefits

  • Number of participants is limited to selected partners in our key destinations 
  • Opportunity to initiate joint marketing activities in coordination with our sales offices
  • Annual statistics provided
  • Privileged financial terms and conditions
  • Presence in our digital distribution channels
  • Top priority for key business opportunities such as series requests

Our requirements

  • Best price guarantee
  • Group allocation and commitment to support with availability during peak periods at contracted rates
  • Partner agreement in place
  • Preferred access to special rates and promotions

Advertise with us

Take your brand on tour with us. We offer advertising space on our large fleet of coaches and minibuses travelling across European destinations.

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